Field Map and Field Assignments Announced

Hopefully your player is as excited as we are to get our inaugural Player Training Program kicked off next week. Trainings will begin on Tuesday, September 8th. Again, ALL trainings will be conducted at Prince Park. For those of you who ordered training jerseys, PYSL will be distributing these jerseys at your player’s first training session. PYSL will also have a limited number of jerseys available for sale.

For the safety of all involved, it is imperative that you review the information in this email so that your player is prepared for their trainings and aware of the mandatory safety protocols that we will be following.  Please note- non-compliance with our safety protocols by parents/or players are grounds for dismissal from the program at the sole discretion of the Petaluma Youth Soccer League (PYSL).

Health Certification: Each day that you bring your player to training, you are certifying that your player, and everyone in close contact with your player have been without fever and symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste) in the 24 hours preceding the training;

Facial Coverings: Facial coverings are required anytime that a person (player or family member) is outside of their personal vehicle at Prince Park. The sole exception is that players and coaches may remove their facial coverings once they are inside of their socially distanced training grid.

Entering the Field: Players SHALL remain inside of their personal vehicles prior to their training time, and until the signal is given that the field is “All clear” and ready for entry. This signal will be given via air horn.  Upon hearing the signal, players shall exit their personal vehicles and proceed directly to their assigned training field. PYSL Field Assignments Final  Field Map

Arrival at Training Grid: Upon arrival at their playing field, players will occupy the first available training grid. Once players have entered their training grid, they may remove their facial covering and set their water down. Personal belongings shall be placed in the left rear corner of their grid to ensure distancing during water breaks. A sanitized ball and set of cones will be waiting for the player in the grid.

Conduct during training: Players will be expected to maintain social distancing and follow the directions of their coaches during training sessions. Failure to do either of the above will be grounds for dismissal from the program at the discretion of PYSL.

Exiting Training Grid: An air horn blast will signal the end of training. Upon the signal, players should collect their ball and cones, replace their facial covering, and exit their training field. Players will be asked to deposit their ball and cones at the sanitizing station as they exit the park.

Procedure upon confirmed Covid -19 case: PYSL has structured our training programs pursuant to the cohort model.  Each training field will be a separate cohort group. If a player is confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, parents of that player shall notify PYSL within 24 hours of the diagnosis. PYSL will then inform that player’s training group of the potential exposure and their trainings will be cancelled for the remainder of the program. Please note, no personal identifying information will be disclosed in the event of a reported positive diagnosis.

Petaluma Youth Soccer League has worked hard to design a program that offers a return to soccer in a way that State and County authorities have identified as safe, but we still need your help.  Please ensure that each of your players and family members adhere to the above safety protocols. Finally, we are always looking for volunteers to help staff the trainings. Volunteer slots are available for 3:30-5:30 and 5:00 to 7 daily. Please contact Sean @ if you are interested in volunteering.

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