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Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this web site. I will try to keep it up to date with the latest information. If you have any additional questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Mark Eglin

Website Information

The Petaluma Youth Soccer League has made a commitment to making its website the first point of contact for all its Staff and Players. It has been in use for the past four years with great success. During this time, we have continued to add features and transition some of our most volunteer intensive tasks to be web driven. This has resulted in an increased efficiency in getting information out to our members, less stress on its overworked Board of Directors and numerous volunteers, higher enrollment in league sponsored activities and classes, and many other benefits. The website provides league news, events, and information; hosts team sites for over two thousand five hundred kids with rosters, game schedules, team news and events; online referee game scheduling and pay processing; online class registration; full site administration pages with user security and access roles; and numerous other features.

The PYSL website was created to solve our leagues biggest problem of distributing information. It started out providing basic news, events, and information and quickly grew into a complete resource for our league. This project has involved hundreds of hours of development and maintenance time running the site for the soccer league over the years and requires full league support to make it a success.

The website was designed and implemented by Mark Eglin. It consists of a mixture of static web pages and dynamic database driven web pages. It is backed by a powerful Microsoft SQL Server and complex server side application code to drive the site. A large portion of the website is generated on demand depending on the task you are doing. The web application code is written using JavaScript on both the client and server sides. The site was built using the Microsoft Visual Interdev application which provides an integrated programming environment for web, server, and database development. In short, the PYSL website goes way beyond what static websites can provide.

The website pages were designed to be simple and fast loading. The pages for the entire site use style sheets to define the most of the visual properties like fonts and colors. The page layout was designed to wrap and expand the content horizontally to fill the available space depending on the browser type and version used to display the page. The header area displays the league logo, page title, global pages, user name and group, and the top navigation bar containing the main page collections. The vertical navigation bar reflects the hierarchical level of the page currently displayed and usually shows the current sub pages, parent pages, and global page links. A breadcrumb bar also appears at the top of the content area to provide a visual queue of the current page hierarchy.

A successful league website requires the support of everyone involved to make it work. The first and foremost change starts with the Board of Directors in getting everyone to think web first. The biggest failure of most league websites is that they don’t provide up to date information. To get people to use the website and keep using it, you need to gain their confidence and provide the answers to their questions. If you fail to do this, your site is doomed to being yet another useless website to display your league logo.

The PYSL website provides more and more functionality every year and has far exceeded our expectations. During the fall season we usually average over ten thousand hits a day and as high as twenty thousand during peak times. In the off season, we usually average about fifteen hundred hits a day.

Website Hosting

This website is hosted by 724 Internet Solutions. We highly recommend 724 to anyone looking for a reliable, dependable, and helpful internet service provider that offers an outstanding service at a reasonable price.