PYSL Tryouts

2014 Competitive Tryouts

The Competitive Soccer Tryouts are for players interested in playing Competitive Soccer for U10 through U14 age groups. All players interested in playing must attend the first tryout in their age group. In some age groups, there will be a call back. See the following tryout schedules:

UNITED Tryout Schedule

Everyone should attend tryouts as scheduled regardless of weather. If the tryout is cancelled, you will be notified at the tryout location only at the scheduled time.

Bring shinguards, soccer cleats, and water to every tryout. No screw-in cleats are allowed on Lucchessi Field.

Recreation & Developmental All Age Groups

The Recreation & Developmental programs for all age groups do not have tryouts. You are assigned to a team or drafted depending on the age group.

Competitive U10 to U19 Age Groups

All interested players must attend the Petaluma competitive tryout if they wish to play on a United team. You should attend all tryout dates for your age group. You may also request to tryout for a one-year-older age group if you think that level of play would be more appropriate for your skill level.

All U10 - U19 Competitive Players are part of the Petaluma United Club. See  the United page for more information.

Age Group Information

  • U19 player is 18 on July 31, 2014
  • U16 player is 15 on July 31, 2014
  • U14 player is 13 on July 31, 2014
  • U13 player is 12 on July 31, 2014
  • U12 player is 11 on July 31, 2014
  • U11 player is 10 on July 31, 2014
  • U10 player is 9 or less on July 31, 2014

Tryout Questions

  1. Do I have to attend tryouts to be selected for a United team?
  2. Can I play up an age bracket to play on the same team as my friends?
  3. What are the rules for Playing Up in Age?
  4. Are financial scholarships available?
  5. I’m injured. Can I tryout if I’m wearing a cast?

Do I have to attend tryouts to be selected for a United team?

Yes. If you want to play United soccer, you should make every attempt to attend the scheduled tryouts. Playing competitive soccer requires a strong commitment from the players and their parents. The demonstration of that commitment starts at tryouts. The only way to get a fair evaluation of all of the players is for the coaches and evaluators to see the players at tryouts. If you absolutely cannot make it to the scheduled tryouts, you must notify the Competitive Coordinator as early as possible before tryouts. Arrangements may be made for additional tryouts, depending on the needs/desire of the coach and the United Committee, but this is not guaranteed. The best thing is BE AT TRYOUTS!

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Can I play up an age bracket to play on the same team as my friends?

You can try. You must attend the tryout for the age bracket you belong in, as well as the bracket you’re trying to play up to. Before tryouts, your parent must request the play up in writing to the Competitive Coordinator. There is no guarantee a play up request will be granted by the United Committee. The conditions below must be met and the request evaluated by the United Committee.

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What are the rules for Playing Up in Age?

Any player wishing to play up in an age group must meet each condition below:

  1. Must be at parent’s written request.
  2. Player must not be appropriately challenged in his/her age group.
  3. Move up will not adversely effect the formation or ability of the actual age group team.
  4. Must be discussed with both coaches and approved by the United Committee.
  5. Play up must be a player of impact quality (starter), as determined at tryouts.
  6. Maximum number of play ups per team shall not exceed three players.
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Are financial scholarships available?

Yes. Ask a United Committee representative for information.

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I’m injured. Can I tryout if I’m wearing a cast?

NO. CYSA rules say that players wearing orthopedic casts, braces (metal, carbon fiber, hard plastic, and like devices) or splints (air or metal) cannot play. Notify the Competitive or Division 3 Coordinator if you are wearing a cast as early as possible before tryouts.

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