PYSL Signals

What's the Call.....Ref?

Caution or expulsion
Referee holds yellow card (caution) or red card (expulsion).

Play On / Advantage
Referee indicates with his hands that the Advantage Rule applies and play should continue.

Direct Free Kick
Referee points in direction of kick.

Indirect Free Kick
Referee raises his hand until ball is kicked and touched by another player.

Goal Kick
Referee or the linesman points to a corner of goal area from which kick is to be taken.
Corner Kick
Referee or the linesman points towards corner of the field from which kick is to be taken.
Penalty Kick
Referee points to penalty mark from which kick is to be taken.
Throw In
Linesman holds the flag out to his side, pointing in the direction the throw is to be taken.
Linesman points his flag straight above his head to signal offside violation.
Linesman signals to the referee by holding his flag overhead with both hands.
Offside Location
After linesman signals offside, he then shows location of infraction by holding his flag out in front of him. Flag held high indicates infraction occurred at far side of field. Flag held in middle indicates center of field. Flag held low indicates side of field nearest to him.