PYSL Scoring

Recreation Score Reporting

The PYSL Recreation U12 and U14 teams are required to report game scores and rate their referees via the Team web site. The Score reporting procedure is very easy and will allow us to compile and view team standings. All other teams including United, and Recreation U10 teams are only required to rate their referees.

How to report your game scores:

If you are a coach or team admin, a notice will appear on your team's home page to indicate that you have unscored games.

  1. Follow the link to the Setup/Scoring page.
  2. At the top of the page there should be a table of all your unscored games.
  3. Click the Score button to the right of each of the entries to enter Game Scores.
  4. Click the Rate Referee button to the right of each of the entries to enter Referee ratings.
  5. Follow the instructions on the popup window and click the Send Report button.

You can also report your scores from your team's Setup/Games page as follows:

  1. You must a coach or team admin to enter game scores.
  2. Goto the Team web site. The team name should be at the top of the Team home page.
  3. Click on the Setup link.
  4. Click on the Games link.
  5. Select unscored league game on the form. The droplist at the top of the page will show what type of games are displayed. Use the VCR controls at the bottom of the page to move through the league games.
  6. Enter the game score. The first box is for the number of goals that your team scored. The conceded box is for the number of goals the other team scored.
  7. Click on the Report Score button. A small window should popup with a score report. Verify the information in the report, be sure and enter your name and email address.
  8. Click the Send Report button. A record of your game will be recorded by your division score reporter and the stats will be available on the Team Standings page.

The Score Reporters are only responsible for resolving scoring conflicts, not entering a team's game scores. If your team does not report a game score, then the game will not be reflected in your standings. You will recieve no points for unscored games.

Instructions on how to resolve scoring problems or conflicts are located on your team Setup/Scoring page.

Age Name Phone Email
U10 Boys D1Jeff Kendall(707)
U10 Boys D2Jeff Kendall(707)
U10 Girls D1Jeff Kendall(707)
U10 Girls D2Jeff Kendall(707)
U12 Boys D1Jeff Kendall(707)
U12 Boys D2Jeff Kendall(707)
U12 Girls D1Jeff Kendall(707)
U12 Girls D2Jeff Kendall(707)
U14 BoysJeff Kendall(707)
U14 GirlsJeff Kendall(707)