PYSL Rules

U12 & U14 City Cup Rules

  1. All FIFA, USYSA, CYSA, and PYSL rules except as modified here.
  2. The tournament shall be single elimination. The brackets will be structured so that no team would be required to play more than four games to win the championship.
  3. No more than two games shall be scheduled for any team on any day.
  4. When the number of teams in an age group exceed 16, two flights may be created. These flights shall have separate championships. The division of teams into flights will be based on standings as of the last weekend of September, the higher ranked teams placed in one flight and the lower ranked teams in the other. The bracketing within a flight will be determined by blind draw.
  5. When the number of teams in an age group is 16 or less, bracketing will be determined entirely by blind draw.
  6. Teams must submit completed player evaluations to be eligible to participate in the tournament.
  7. Game Length: Modified to reduce each half 5 minutes.

    Age Group Regulation Game Length
    U-12 Two 25 minute halves with 5 minute break
    U-14 Two 30 minute halves with 5 minute break

  8. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, up to two 5-minute golden goal periods may be played. First goal scored wins (so-called sudden death). Team that kicked off in the first half kicks off in first overtime period. Teams switch goals between periods but do not leave the field; subs may be made during this period.
  9. In the event of a tie at the end of the golden goal periods, a shootout will be held. Only players may participate in the shootout (meaning that they must be in the game when the second golden goal period ends), substitutes may not participate. Players must remain on the field following the end of the game but the coach may bring water to the players and set the sequence for the kicks. The coach must leave the field before the shootout begins and must remain in the technical area (within 10 yards of center) during the shootout process. Goalies may be switched (with another player but not substituted) prior to the start of the shootout but may not be switched once the shootout has started.
  10. Five players are selected to kick in the first round. Each team alternates kicking a PK; the team with the most goals after five PKs wins.
  11. In the event of a tie at the end of the first round of shootout; the remaining players (who were not one of the first five) are placed in order and all subsequent rounds of the shootout are one player at a time. The teams alternate PKs until one team makes one and the other team does not. When all players (including the Goalkeepers) have been exhausted, the shootout continues with the first player from round one, followed by the second player of round one, etc. The order cannot be changed once a player has taken a kick.
  12. Send-off’s, ejection’s, red cards: Players shall receive a minimum one game suspension (does not count the game where the send-off occurred - they will not be able to play in the following game); the Tournament Committee will set the actual suspension level. Coaches shall be suspended for the remainder of the City Cup Tournament.
  13. Awards will be presented to the first and second place teams in each flight. The awards will be presented immediately following the Championship game.