PYSL Changes

The PYSL Web Site is always changing to make things easier to find and use based on your feedback. The latest changes are:

  • Add quick team jump field to home page that allows you to enter in a team number and go directly to the team home page.
  • Add source version control to entire site.
  • Remaining Game Schedule for each club to give a quick game overview.
  • Field Usage by location that graphically displays game and practice slots by field and time.
  • Today's Games Page listing out all games with time, location, links, and referee coverage.
  • Improved Referee Statistics and Pay features
  • Improved Table of Contents in the Help page set
  • New Site Search features using the Google Search engine.
  • Referee Scheduling System to enable Referees to schedule, manage and track game assignments and payment history. Complete Referee Admin pages to assign referees to open games, process game cards, Pay referees for games worked, review payment history, etc...
  • Referee rating system for coaches to use when reporting their game score.
  • Coach, Player, and Parent rating system for Referees to use after working a game.
  • New Site Colors and Navigation
  • New Class & Camp Schedule and Signup page.
  • The members link and site are gone! To access the member features of the site, you must login by clicking the Login link. Your name will appear at the top of the main page. You will have access to all the same pages that you did before the change.
  • The auto login feature is enabled by default. After you log into the site, your settings are saved to a cookie by your browser. The next time you access the site, you will be logged in automatically. You can control this behavior in the Admin/Account page
  • The News page will show both the public and private news. The private news will only show up if you have logged in.
  • The Events page will show both the public and private events. The private events will only show up if you have logged in.
  • The Team Home pages contain a combination of links from the old public and private sites. As before, private information will only be visible if you are a member and have the correct permissions.
  • The Admin link is now on the home page. You will see it after you login.
  • If you have any problems, you should first delete your browser file cache and then try logging in again.

These changes should make the site easier to navigate and use. You can send in your suggestions by using the Feedback page.